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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 1, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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wonderful pistachios. get cracking. >> told you he was nuts. we report, you decide. stay with fox news for latest election news. make sure you visit our facebook fan page. until then keep it here on fox news channel. i just put up a new poll on greta wire. the o'reilly factor is next. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we're gonna need to work together. so far, we're not seeing that from the other party. i guess they're feeling cocky, maybe. >> bill: is time running out for barack obama and the democrats? the election nearly upon us. we will have the latest poll numbers with analysis from brit hume. juan williams, and mary katharine ham. >> cbs reporters and the affiliate up there in alaska on paper saying let's find a child molester in the crowd as a supporter. let's concoct a ron paul moment
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there. corrupt bastards. >> bill: sarah palin fighting mad over a press situation in alaska. the governor will be here. >> the constant barrage of misinformation being put out by glenn beck, bioreilly, by hannity is just monumental. >> and the far left media getting hysterical. >> i feel like i'm taking crazy pills! >> bill: they know the liberal philosophy may very well get pounded tomorrow. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the country takes a turn to the right that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. one day before the big vote, the late polling indicates a big republican victory. gallup says 55% of likely voters will go for the g.o.p.
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candidates 40% for the democrats, 5% still undecided. new 60 minutes vanity fair poll says 26% of americans believe the president has performed well enough to be reelected. 39% say he has not 33% are not sure. as far as the key senate races are concerned. let's run them down for you. in nevada sharron angle suspect by 3 over senate majority leader harry reid according to a new fox news poll among likely voters. colorado republican ken buck has rallied now ahead of michael bennet by four points. illinois also seems to be leaning republican as mike kirk leads by 4 in the race for barack obama's old seat. washington state is a split decision in the late polls. fox news has democrat patty murray up by 2 but ppp, a democratic polling firm has republican dino rossi up by 2. who the heck knows out there. in west virginia joe manchin leads by four over john raese
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according to rasmussen's last survey in that state the democrats have to be happy about that. in pennsylvania two lay polls toomey over sestak. boxer up by 4 over fiorina. also a muffin says that linda mcmahon has closed the gap a bit but she remains 7 points behind democrat richard blumenthal. key governor races john kasich leads strickland by 4. brown ahead of meg whitman by 5. tom tancredo has closed within 3 points of hickenlooper. tancredo could win. as far as the numbers game is concerned. no question democrats will lose the house nancy pelosi is finished as speaker. the senate will most likely remain in democratic hands. however the margin will be slim. therefore, president obama's power will be diminished but he will remain a potent force his veto alone provides for that
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talking points believes it is your patriot i can duty to vote. no matter how much you despise the political system. so we hope you will exercise your power on tuesday. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, first up fox news political analyst brit hume who joins us now in new york city. of all of these polls, come cascading in. we surprises you the most? >> the most striking number you cited was that generic poll number you called that you cited from gallup 15%. that is about double than it was in 1994 when republicans spikd up 52 seats. a net gain of 54. if that number holds and proves accurate and it was confirmed to some extent by scott rasmussen's number that came out today which is plus 12 essentially the same number when you count the margin of error. this is -- if this holds, we're talking about a republican victory in the house of representatives that will go way beyond the predicted 55 or 60. this could get way up into the 60's, into the 70s and
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probably even higher. >> bill: here is what the folks and me, too you are the political expert. i know politics and i follow it but i don't know like hume knows it. a lot of this 55 to 40 must be advantage is stacked i think in certain states. in the sun belt states, in the midwest, in ohio, for example, ohio has turned big time against the democrats. there is no doubt about it in the liberal states like california, washington state here in new york, the democrats seem to be holding on. >> well if this number is right even in states like that. carly fiorina would have a good chance of winning. >> bill: you are reading it like these poll numbers may not be taking into account the wave? the wave effect can mean two things. one is big republican vote and may have suppressed democratic turnout even among people who are saying they are going to vote but may not. if it goes big the way i'm -- the way it's possible it will go, not only will all these
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house guys and the women win, on the republican side but a lot of these candidates for the senate will win. >> bill: correct correct me if i am wrong, it doesn't matter how many more seats you have than the other party as long as you have the majority. >> that's not quite right. it doesn't matter as much. but, remember this it will make a big difference in the political effect in washington whether they win 45 or 60 seats or whether they win 65 or 70. because the message from the electorate will be so much more resounding. >> bill: it's a matter of embarrassment for the democrats. >> not just a matter of embarrassment. it's how you assess it. if you lose 40, 45 seats you say we had a bad economy. >> bill: if you lose more than 60 it's we hate you. >> we don't like your method of governance. >> bill: we hate you. >> we don't like your liberal policies. it's not just the economy. it's important difference. >> bill: i talked to a rabid republican and rabid democrat
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today i can name the democrat marianne march in massachusetts. she says even in massachusetts everybody is worried. barney frank is worried. >> think of that. >> bill: yeah. barney is so worried that he actually lent his campaign some of his own money. if you know barney, that means is he really worried. he is lending his own money. okay? that he probably borrowed from fannie and freddie because is he in charge. marion thinks that devol patrick may lose. that's obama's best friend. >> there you go. that is a blue state. >> more than blue. >> exactly. >> navy blue state. >> but the republican guy says this is too much cockiness and you heard president obama say that that a lot of republicans who may turn out say we are going to win any way even though i'm teed off i have got stuff to do. some republican angst about it's too early. we want to peek tomorrow not on
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monday. >> you always want that. make no mistake about it, bill. the thing that republicans need to recognize is this is not a great vote for the republican party. >> it's against them. >> anti-democrat and anti-protest vote. get the minimum would be the house of representatives is a lease on power in one branch of one branch. that's not huge. they will then have the opportunity. >> bill: makes barack obama's road a lot harder. >> that's true. >> bill: you were covering bill clinton when he got whacked in '94, right? >> right. >> so i want to have you on next week to compare what the obama reaction will be on wednesday, thursday to what the clinton reaction was. because the president is going to lose a lot of his power. there is no question. >> he has already lost a lot of it certainly is he going to lose at love power. his ability to forward major liberal initiatives is over
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with. >> bill: done. >> make no mistake about it though. the republicans by controlling either or both houses of congress is not going to be able to do much either. obama can protect all the big stuff with a veto. >> bill: can make him look bad. >> and they may be able -- >> bill: we want the bush tax cuts extended. if he vetoes it, they can say look at this guy and they can do all of that. >> that's true. they cannot by themselves continue the bush tax cuts cannot single-handedly repeal obama care. >> bill: all right, brit. thanks very much. we appreciate it? >> thank you, bill. >> bill: next on the run down vice president biden warns the country what will happen if the democrats lose tomorrow. juan and mary katharine will analyze that later bernie goldberg on liberal she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her lon.
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for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> bill: impact segment tonight, both president obama and vice president biden running around the country trying to sway what looks like disastrous election for the democrats. >> ladies and gentlemen, the last election aim so grateful to awful you in this room for electing barack and me to serve as president and vice president. but, folks, if these guys take over the house and the senate, this next time out, that will end. it will be a tong war for the next two years and will take time to get back on the track of the direction we're going. >> bill: all right. now the tongue war is a
11:13 pm
reference to chinese gangs fighting each other over opium, i believe. joining us now from washington is mary katharine ham. here in new york juan williams, both are fox news analysts who have never tried opium. [ laughter ] >> bill: i'm hoping mary katharine. >> thank you. >> bill: it's going to be interesting to watch tomorrow and the rest of the week. >> yeah. >> bill: the reaction if it plays out the way gallup says it's going to play out. how the president will handle it. how the liberal commentators. i am going to issue a viewer warning right now for children not to watch msnbc because some people may commit suicide. all right? they may set themselves on fire over there and it would be gruesome to watch that. >> tom war, harry carrie. >> bill: you north going to be able to spin this at all. the vote is going to be the vote. as i said with brit hume, if they get too cocky, they are not going to reach that pinnacle.
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>> this is going to be gridlock it is going to be a war. and what you have to understand from the republican point of view is that as brit hume said to you, this is not necessarily a vote for republicans. it's that independents have swung towards the republicans in this race especially women like we have never seen. >> no question mary katharine that the mood of the country is that the liberal democratic policies have not helped the economy and aren't working and the president isn't connecting any longer with many, many americans. however, i think that president obama, if he gets whacked, all right. could do what bill clinton did. i mean, he could say okay, you know, we tried, didn't really work. let's try to get this done and that done together and together we're going to be great and we can even have a song written. go ahead. >> i think he could do that. i don't think he has shown a lot of tendency to do that in the past. >> what's the alternative to brood? >> here is what i think. you know, you have all this information coming out menendez the head said today maybe we
11:15 pm
could extend the bush tax cuts for everyone which is an effort to try to convince everybody they are not liberal democrats. the message of that is that the president -- the g.o.p. can't get cocky and think that everybody so much because they voted them. in the president has to be worried about shifting to the right. what i think he might do is just continue to call the g.o.p. indistractable and not sort of shift to where the american people are. >> he might take that calculation, absolutely. >> keep lecturing. i don't think that will help at all. >> you mentioned senator menendez. we have his daughter coming up here. aissue will sexual harassment we will ask -- alicia. we ask that. 39% don't believe he should be elected. i don't think defiance is going to get him anywhere here. do you? >> wait a second here. mitch mcconnell was quoted today the senate minority leader, top republican in the senate as saying his goal for the next two years is to defeat obama in
11:16 pm
2012, he wants to fly that 30% that don't think obama -- >> bill: is that a shock to you mr. williams that mitch mcconnell would like to debeat obama? >> if it is agenda bill what does that say to the voters? all we care about is politics. we don't care about getting anything done for the country. >> bill: the president is exploit that if he is smart about it he has to go maybe we made some mistakes here and now weaver are going to do. this go ahead, mary katharine. >> i think he miscalculates in assuming that people want everyone to work together and get stuff done. what people have voting for is congress who has my mill at this to doesn't want congress to do everything. they might prefer congress grid locked which is what happens -- >> you are right. mary katharine you are off on this one. listen, let me say something. the american people want something done about the economy. they want more jobs. they want the deficit cut. >> you have to do the tax cuts. >> i would say for the past two
11:17 pm
years -- >> bill: well, we will sort all of that out. >> things they don't want touched if you look at the polls, actually. >> bill: they do want some kind of tax break. i think that's the big -- >> that one they can do if obama comes with them. >> bill: we will see. juan and mary katharine, everyone. sarah palin very upset about some media corruption. she will be here to explain that also ahead, bernie goldberg has been tracking the media coverage of the election is getting quite hysterical in some precincts.
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>> personal story segment tonight, as you may know sarah palin is back ining the tea pary guy joe miller in alaska. the race is tight between him and write-in candidate lisa murkowski a republican. last week affiliates made a mistake with a cell phone and
11:21 pm
were heard disparaging mr. miller and that does not sit well with ms. palin. >> those are corrupts bastards, chris. that is wrong with the media today when they have their chosen one and nine times out of ten, heck ten times out of ten in the liberal media it's going to be the liberal is the chosen one. we have a problem there with what joe miller has had to face. >> bill: with us now is former governor of alaska current fox news analyst sarah palin. did you really call them bastards. >> well, up there. and it's not a term of
11:22 pm
endearment. >> bill: i know that. >> there is a group of what had been perceived as corrupt politicians that went by the cbc monitor the corrupt [bleep] club. so alaskans understood what i was talking. >> bill: that reference with a in context to alaska context. >> to the cbc group up in alaska. >> bill: i don't mind you just doing an attack. those people should all be fired immediately. >> it was that, too. >> bill: that is not a cbs-owned station. it's affiliated station that carries cbs programming. those people should be fired that's ridiculous. >> no accountability in this bogus explanation of leave it to the beaver guy who tried to explain it. >> bill: you wouldn't think that would happen in place like alaska when the population reflects pretty much what your belief system is. it's a very red state it is very conservative the media is liberal in alaska. >> very liberal very biased. i hate to see somebody else go through what todd and i my
11:23 pm
administration what we have gone through and we would continue to go through in alaska with the local media there is light shed now via this tape that joe miller was suffering. there is light shed on what other people go through up there. >> bill: trying to trump up something against miller. >> yeah. >> bill: do you believe this vote tomorrow is a referendum against liberalism? do you think that americans are rebelling against liberalism? >> absolutely. americans are going to say tomorrow enough is enough and let's get some common sense solutions in there and turf things around. >> bill: it's an antiliberal vote rather than a pro -- >> it's an anti-big government reach vote and let's get back to common sense vote, yeah. >> bill: that's what liberalism is is big government and let the government control. >> yeah. >> bill: can you be too far right as a candidate? some of the candidates that you backed aren't going to win because they are perceived as being too far out there. >> bill: like who? >> christine o'donnell. if she doesn't win i'm still very happy to have thrown at least my name in an endorsement
11:24 pm
towards christine as opposed to her opponent in the primary and then, of course, in the -- >> bill: but he would have won. >> not necessarily. nobody guarantees that. >> bill: he was way ahead. >> for cap and tax, wishy washer on obama care. >> bill: not a conservative guy. >> why would i go along like a lot of the rhinos do and say yes to somebody who would cast liberal votes anyway once they got there. >> bill: rhinos are republicans in name only. >> rove has said and has said publicly he may not be your favorite guy but this guy probably could have beaten coons and that would have thrown the senate into republican hands which would further diminish president obama's power. >> yeah. and that kind of thinking of just embracing the status quo, old guys that maybe could have been a safe bet and could have won anyway. that status quo is the mess we are in. >> bill: you would rather not have control of the senate and have ideological purity than at
11:25 pm
least give a couple of guys who you are not too crazy about -- >> show me any numbers that guarantee. >> bill: no guarantee. >> that he would have won anyway. >> bill: what's his name the skinny guy the old guy? >> >> castle? she defeated castle. they are all going like this what is he talking about? castle. okay. can you be too far right? this country? >> at this point in time with the state of the union, no. >> bill: you can't be too far right. >> any of that far right ideological bent that somebody would have is going to balance out the extreme far left liberal policies that are being adopted this government takeover of our private sector. >> bill: do you know paladino that's running for governor here. >> i haven't met him but i know of him. >> bill: is he pretty far right out there. >> he is running for governor that's up to the new yorkers to decide. >> bill: i know that. >> but, no. a far right bent would be a
11:26 pm
healthy. we need a balance of power here, bill. look at this extreme liberalism that has control of the house and the senate and the white house right now. we have got to balance that out. that's another message that will be sent on tuesday against failed policy, against the monopoly of power in congress and in the white house. >> bill: if you get candidates though who do say crazy things, on the right or the left, i think most americans aren't going to vote for them. >> look at those crazy things like those on the left have said like gray son and barney frank. >> they are both in trouble. you heard barney lending his own money. do you know barney? >> i spoke with him, yes. >> you try to get a loan from barney. try. >> we had an event where barney frank was the democrat or the liberal speaker and as opposed to me on the right as the speaker. i got up there at the podium and i said you know what's odd about this is i'm perceived as the controversial one and he is the mainstream one? only in -- >> they are both in trouble.
11:27 pm
now in the post intriguing race of all of them is share rop angle vs. harry reid. >> absolutely. >> bill: you flew out there with her early. >> yes. >> bill: what is there about her? >> she not only has a good resume where she served honorably in her own legislation there. that is a point right there is she has a record. weave know where she is to be on positions upon policies she has voted for them in the past. she has a vision for america is what we need right now. >> bill: coincides with your vision. >> it is. >> how bad is reid? >> reid is part of the problem. he would just per at the pet wait no proximate result of the problem. he believes that government is the answer. >> bill: it's as the as simple as that. >> he has the record to prove to. don't vote for anybody when you don't know their record or have a record. you have to know what it is they
11:28 pm
standing for. >> you are doing the -- nobody else want' to run i will run kind of thing. >> i don't know if i'm going to run or not. >> bill: it's possible. >> it's possible. >> will you give me an interview? you can continue to interview you if you continue to run? of course. >> now i will have it on jane. videotape. that would be very interesting, i'm sure, there is that cure ots city fast tore that never seems to diminish. it would be a free uninedge. >> bill: they have already run every shot they can take. >> you would think so. this kid is it really my kid? so it's never ending but it would be -- >> bill: governor, you know, we're going to keep a close eye on it we appreciate you coming in tonight. >> of course, thank you. thank you. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. did the jon stewart rally accomplish anything? we have behind the scenes information for you. then, bernie goldberg front and center on how the media is
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switch to regions. >> bill: continuing now with our political coverage you just heard sarah palin on tomorrow want vote so as always we are fair and balanced with us alicia menendez who works for the indian think tank association. you heard your father may extend the tax cuts for everybody, this, that, and the other thing. that's against liberal orthodoxy to do that tax cuts for the rich. you know, you have been hearing that for 10 years. if the democratic party does that, would that be a sell out? >> well, first of all, i'm no spokesman for bob menendez, if i were look at it from the free market of ideology they. >> bill: you wouldn't be offended. >> not at all. if they want the middle class tax cuts to stay in place they may have to temporarily extend them. >> bill: temporarily. >> which is what was said in that video clip of him. i don't think that's any
11:33 pm
betrayal. >> bill: you wouldn't melt down. >> or commit suicide. >> bill: you heard sarah palin say look this is a vote against liberal policies across the board tomorrow. do you believe that? >> i don't. i think in many ways this is a rejection of washington, bill. if you go back to the primaries, you saw there were a lot of republicans who had been endorsed by the nrfc by john cornyn and the national senatorial committee who lost to a lot of candidates. >> bill: to the tea party people. >> that sarah palin endorsed. i think in that way it's more a rebuke of washington than it is a rebuke of liberal ideology. >> bill: what about the governor's races like john kasich? he is going to win in ohio, you know, against strickland. that can't be a rejection of washington because it's columbus, ohio. >> i still think that race is still too close to call. >> bill: do you want to bet? i'm making lots of bets here. >> i'm not a betting girl. >> bill: backing away. all the republicans are going to win in ohio across the board. ohio is angry. that is not anti-washington vote that's a antiliberal vote
11:34 pm
because strickland is big time liberal. >> what's your logic? >> bill: excellent. americans tried the liberal policies and don't think they work. simple as that. i'm a simple man. >> i think it's more complicated than that. look at washington and look at their current economic states or people who want jobs to ho don't have jobs. >> bill: liberals have been in charge two years and even further back with nancy pelosi taking over in 2007 and a trillion dollars has been added to the debt. 5 trillion. and unemployment keeps going up. that's what they're angry about. >> let's go with your premise that republicans are going to win and sweep the house maybe they will win the senate. when they get in power what do they have to do when they have to power? >> bill: cut taxes. >> what else. >> bill: stop the regulatory business, no more cap and trade, no more this and that so they will basically let the marketplace, the private marketplace will then.
11:35 pm
>> let they did their first time around. >> bill: if you don't have oversight, the same bandits that ruined the economy in the beginning will come back. i think it's possible to have some oversight to prevent a lot of that. >> i agree. let's look at this question with the deficit. especially with members of the tea party they have been elected to address the deficit question. when we are really honest with ourselves their options to reduce the deficit to cut medicare, cut social security or defense spending. >> bill: you can could what you do in france make the age a little bit higher. >> tinker on the margin. >> i would tinker. what i get from republicans is not tinking i get broad sweeping reforms. >> bill: i don't care. >> they are going to be there in a few days. >> bill: i want problem solvers i want people who have r. going to solve the problems and bring down the astronomical debt. i don't care what party they are. alicia, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. berne. >> bill: when we come right back bernie goldberg has some
11:36 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, it's all about the election. conservative meter web site watched the three nightly network newscast from september 1st to october 25th to see how they were handling the political situation in america. well, here's the headline. only conservatives and tea party people were labeled extremists by the networks. no liberal person was given that description. not one. joining us from miami, fox news analyst bernie goldberg, the purveyor of bernard you are not surprised by. this oh, yeah. >> bill: long period of time september 1st to october 25th. george soros, everybody else, nobody is an extremist on the left but all these people are
11:40 pm
extremists on the right. >> that's pretty easy to explain. because too many liberal journalists they don't think there is any such thing as an extremist on the left. barney frank isn't an extremist on the left. dennis kucinich isn't extreme. allen gray son, the most embarrassing member of congress who thinks that republicans want you to die quickly isn't extreme. but, a conservative politician, especially if he or she is a member of the tea party is extreme. and that's because as far as liberals in the media are concerned, every politician to the right of center is conservative. and that's true. but, any politician to the left, no matter how far to the left is middle of the road. is mainstream. because they're observing this campaign sitting in the left field bleachers. that's why they think that. >> bill: now, if it turns out the way gallup says it will,
11:41 pm
tomorrow night, most people are going to watch fox news coverage the networks aren't covering this by the way. cbs, nbc, abc, they are running the bachelor goes to the amazing race, goes toim darr kardashian's house whatever they are running. et the three cable networks covering the election. fox overwhelmingly will win. the other two networks, you know, i think there may be very serious breakdowns among some of the commentators. >> yep. one can only hope. i think you are going to see two themes which already have begun, bill. that is the voters will be portrayed as stupid or. >> bill: do you think cnn which only has eight viewers can afford to say the voters are stupid? i don't think they can afford to alienate anybody. >> do you think peter jennings
11:42 pm
anchor at the time of a major network did he think about offending anybody when he said the in 1994 -- bell. >> bill: well watched and very powerful. i don't know if y cnn and they e not nearly as bad as msnbc. >> here are the two themes none the less. the voters are stupid and the voters are angry but angry in the sense of irrational which means in order to vote for republicans they are not playing with all 52 cards. >> bill: not only are they stupid but they are neurotic. >> yeah, that's right. they are stupid and they are a little nuts. >> bill: right. >> there is a long history a pathetic long history of demeaning the american people after an election in which the republicans win. as we said and we talked about this before. in 1994, peter jennings said the voters were behaving like 2-year-olds throwing a temper tantrum. this year eugene robinson a piltser prize -- pulitzer prize
11:43 pm
winner with the post. jimmy carter and chris matthews were talking about the tea party people saying they are okay people they are so unsophisticated that they don't know they are being manipulated by right wing money bags. jonathan alder writes for "newsweek" says the american people don't know what they are getting themselves into because they are voting for republicans. >> bill: that was vice president's biden sound bite today. >> how come, bill when democrats are winning it isn't because the voters are angry. that's on when republicans are winning. in 2006 and 2008, the democrats were winning because soccer moms. soccer moms were looking out for the welfare of their families. but when republicans are winning, it's because the voters are angry. so you have angry vs. soccer moms. and these journalists, these
11:44 pm
journalists really believe that they don't have biases that are so far -- that are -- >> bill: they are engrained in the system. that's what sarah palin meant. i have got two questions about governor palin. that's what she said. i asked her can you be too far right? i believe you can be. the center, the independent center of america if you go too far off the cliff even to the right they are not going to vote for you. obviously the left, that stands, too far left. she doesn't seem to think so. she thinks even if you are really out there you balance off all of this crazy stuff on the left. >> no, i'm with you on this one. i'm with you. i think that people who are calling for ideological purity are going in the long to run do the republican party some harm. you can't win elections if you demand ideological purity. i personally don't have a lot of views for rinos republicans in
11:45 pm
name only. susan collins and olympia snow in maine, for instance. i would rather have two liberal republicans, i won't say moderates. two liberal republicans that will vote for the conservatives and other republicans half the time than two democrats that won't vote for them any of the time. so i'm on your side. >> bill: you have to be practical in politics. bernie thanks very much as always. we will check in with bernie on wednesday. he is going to watch all the coverage of the election tomorrow and check back in with us on wednesday. reality check on deck tonight starring jimmy carter, juan starring jimmy carter, juan williams and jon stewart quite
11:46 pm
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>> bill: reality check the political edition. check one, lots of folks turned out for the stewart colbert
11:49 pm
rally in washington. straw poll reports 86% of the rally plan to vote democrat on tuesday. one what a shock. 1% republican: 1%. also there were quite a few nasty signs in the crowd. remember at the beck rally there were no signs. all right? they didn't have any. this one, you know, there were lots of nasty signs. as for the editorial side, here was the highlight. >> the american people can't work together on anything. they cannot stand each other. >> no, that is not true. >> oh, really? >> the country's 24 hour political pundit perpetual panic conflictinator did not cause our problems. but its existence makes solving them that much harder. >> bill: in addition the "new
11:50 pm
york times" writer doesn't understand the angst about cable news because people watch it that's false. fox news channel has emerged as the most powerful news agency in the world. just ask president obama. millions of folks watch our programs and even more see us on the net. check two, plenty of interesting people at the rally, here is a sample of some views. >> who do you think is the worst offender in the nazi calmy socialist fascist parade. >> glenn beck. >> if somebody says fear of msnbc, would you carry that sign, too? >> i don't know if i would. >> you don't see reasonable people putting hitler mustaches on people's faces. >> no people with bushes, hitler signs like there are as obama as hitler? >> i see what you are saying, no. really if there should have been a hitler sign on somebody, it probably would have been him, i hate to say it. >> who do you think is more insane, republicans or democrats? >> republicans.
11:51 pm
they're nuts. >> what's wrong with being a commune snis is there something wrong with being a communist? what's wrong with being a communist and saying that all people ought to have a right to a decent living? >> there is a plant. you kill millions of people as communist dictators have a tendency to do. president obama is being stalked, stalked by aids activists. >> these folks have been -- you have been appearing at every rally we have been doing and we're funding global aids and the other side is not. so i don't know why you think this is a useful strategy to take. [cheers] so, what we would suggest, i think it would make a lot more sense for you guys to go to the folks who aren't interested in funding global aids.
11:52 pm
[cheers] >> and chant at that rally. >> bill: mr. obama should know that the republican party under president bush gave a record amount of money to fight aids in africa and other places. i'm not understanding that. check four. there is panic on the left as we said over the election on tuesday. >> the constant barrage of misinformation being put out by glenn beck, bioreilly by hannity is just monumental. this is a factual record that has been compiled of what they are saying. >> bill: you know, it's boring. what information? so tedious. boring. you have got something? let me see it. i have never given out misinformation. check five. we continue with tedious. ladies and gentlemen, jimmy carter with. >> discussion groups for instance on fox news that are totally biased and they implant completely false images not only of the facts about legislation that's passed or doesn't get
11:53 pm
passed but also about the character of president obama. and they have been successful in projecting him as a person who is not a citizen of america, who is not a christian but a muslim and is not a democrat but is he a socialist. and so forth. >> i haven't heard anybody who works for fox news saying the president is a muslim. certainly the socialist word has been tossed around. >> bill: thank you howard kurtz. i don't know what planet president carter is living on. finally check six juan williams' interview on premium members. it's quite something. your mom was working during the day who was supervising you. >> nobody was supervising me. >> bill: you were on your own. >> yeah. i was a good kid. ways skinny kid. the way that i would make relationships and stuff as a basketball player. i was a pretty good basketball player and i could hang with the tough guys. but the tough guys were people involved with drugs and crime and so forth and my mother realizing who i was associating with was like let me see your arms. >> bill: checking for needle
11:54 pm
marks. >> yeah. it's unbelievable. people who know me now you must grown up as some middle class kid. >> bill: sure because you don't come across as a street kid. more on that premium. it's really one of the best interviews i have done in quite some time. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring san francisco, the entire city right back with p and p.
11:55 pm
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. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring san francisco. first factor won big in all categories that you all. tomorrow morning i will be talking with imus 8:30 a.m. on the fox business channel. we continue to do well with our troops program. buy a copy we will send a corresponding copy overseas so be a patriot. they make great christmas gifts. all the money i get goes to charity. now the mail: geraldo says president obama is too center and you stay silent? shame on you bill. shame on me for what? geraldo's opinion is subjective. bob: i watch tv laying on the floor because of a bad back when i had heard geraldo saying mr. obama is too moderate, i fell off the floor. bill, i did not appreciate you
11:58 pm
and miller making fun of the bills, show empathy. they lost again yesterday in overtime it was brutal, i feel your pain. karen: you said that president obama would admit that using divisive tactics with a hispanic audience would be wrong. i think he's mean spirited. bill, bold fresh was great this book is a bigger gold star. i appreciate that. adam: bill, i've seen many shows but yours with beck was the best by far. we had a great time too saturday. thanks for showing up. finally, pinheads and patriots, there's something in the air in san francisco at the world series. and it is not a baseball. >> this is san francisco, i can tell you right over there, there's people smoking weed. because it is coming this way. we are truly in san francisco. i'm standing here i'm like,
11:59 pm
that's not cigarettes! that's weed! >> bill: there is a reason. san francisco is the capital of medical marijuana. apparently, some people outside the ballpark had headaches. are they pinheads and patriots for smoking near the game? please vote on you marijuana legalizers now is your chance. we showed youith viera celebrating halloween. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: 76% of you believe miss viera is a pinhead. 24% say she a patriot. i voted patriot. because just to do that, you know it's -- i thought it was entertaining, i thought it was cute that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different


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